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what we offer


types of translation

Sworn translations

Authenticated or notarized translations

Apostille translations

Fields we have been working with up to the present:

  • Technical

    • HVAC and air conditioning

    • Civil and industrial engineering

    • Automotive

    • Energy sector

    • Biogas and waste management

    • Safety data sheets

    • Onboarding and handling procedures in airports

    • User manuals for pumps, agricultural machines, elevators, cranes and overhead travelling crane

  • Medicine and pharmacy sector

    • User manuals of medical devices

    • Patient information leaflets

    • Medical referral letters and discharge summaries

  • Education

    • Study documents

    • Internal regulations and rules, operational procedures for universities

  • Legal and commercial:

    • Civil verdicts, judgements, notary deeds

    • Laws, regulations

    • Commercial contracts, confirmation of company details, articles of incorporation

  • Human resources

    • Employment contracts

    • Ethical codes, internal rules and instructions for multinationals

  • Marketing: product catalogues, flyers, product presentations

  • Transport: driver training courses, vehicle handover-receipt protocol, regulations on maritime transport, access and merchandise loading rules

  • IT: user guides for IT equipment, user interfaces, SQL documentation

  • Vehicle selling contracts and related documents, other standard documents and forms.

We suggest that you contact us even if you need assistance with a translation that does not necessarily belong to one of these categories. We are open when it comes to new challenges and willing to improve. We will for sure find a viable solution to your need.


Interpreting is an oral or verbal form of translation. It is often used in the economic and legal fields, tourism, medical and real estate. Interpreting means that the interpreter has to travel to the place where the meeting or conference is held.

There are two types of interpreting: consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpreting takes places when the speaker takes frequent breaks in his/her speech, after 2 or 3 phrases, in order to give the interpreter enough time to translate for the other participants in the meeting. It is usually used for smaller business meetings, for training courses, at the bank, at the notary, at the Civil Status Office, in court.

Simultaneous interpreting is necessary when large events take place and the number of participants is higher, such as conferences, symposiums, product presentations etc. Interpreters translate in real time what the speaker says. A special technical equipment is needed. This type of interpreting is very challenging and requires a very high concentration, that is why interpreters work in teams of 2.
Should you need an interpreter to accompany a person who does not speak Romanian to a state institution, to the bank, notary office, physician’s office or to translate at conferences, trainings etc., we are able to help.


Revision means that once the translation is completed, a reviser checks it in order to make sure it was correctly performed and that it fits the purpose agreed. The translated text is carefully reviewed to see if it was translated in full, if the meaning of the source text is the same with the target text, if there are any grammar, spelling or expression mistakes, if figures, tables, names are correctly inserted; in short, the reviser ensures that the translation complies with a certain quality standard.
That is why no translation leaves our office without being carefully revised, either it is a text that we translated or it is a translation performed by another translator for which the customer requests an additional revision.

Romanian language courses

As we all have noticed, there is a high number of foreign citizens coming to Romania to set up a business, to study or work or who find a Romanian life partner and decide to come and live in our country. Therefore, we have decided to make things easier as far as language services are concerned and give them the opportunity to study Romanian language. Should you decide to learn Romanian in order to communicate with other persons in your everyday life, at the workplace, at various institutions etc., we are the right choice. The courses are held at our office, a quiet, nice and easy-to-find location in the center of the city.

Foreign language courses

We offer English and French language courses for adults who wish or need to learn a foreign language at the workplace, as a hobby, or who have decided to immigrate and intend to speak fluently the language of the country of destination.

Courses are divided on three levels:

Groups are made up of 1 or 2 persons.

At the end of the course, you will be able to speak the language studied fluently, no emotional roller coaster. You will feel more confident and at ease when forced to have a conversation in the foreign language you studied.

Should you need or want to obtain a national or international language proficiency certificate, we can put you in touch with the appropriate accredited institutions.