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Fees are established per word and vary depending on the language and the level of difficulty of the text. Translation from an exotic language, such as Chinese, demands greater effort and time, while the translation from a common language, such as English or French, takes less effort and time. The same thing happens with a very difficult text, a document containing images and tables that need to be translated or with documents for which customers demand that certain translation-related requirements are met.

double translation

In case of translations from one foreign language into another, we charge the fee for each foreign language as it’s a double translation:
Foreign language – Romanian
Romanian – foreign language

document format

Translations are delivered in the original format or another format indicated by the customer, except for the cases when the original format or the customer-requested format implies DTP services or the use of advanced graphic design software. In such cases, the services of appropriate professionals are needed.
Translations can be picked up personally or sent by e-mail or by mail/courier, as requested.
The minimum fee is a 300-word fee for the language in question.

additional information

As such, we are able to communicate a final fee the moment we can take a look at the document(s). This does not entail any obligation for our customers.

If the translator’s signature needs to be authenticated by a notary public, we charge the authentication fee established by the Romanian Union of Notaries. If the apostille or superlegalization needs to be attached to the authenticated translation, we charge the fee indicated by the Chamber of Notaries plus an additional fee for travelling to the Chamber of Notaries.


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